Ingenstans Folkmusik

Ingenstans musik (Swedish for ”Nowhere Music”) is a series of music pieces and songs that will be released digitally on various Internet platforms in 2020-2021. This compilation will include new unpublished pieces from 50 years of Gui Mallon’s musical activities (1971-2021). Alternative recordings will be included. Mostly made on old analogue recorders from the 70s and 80s, when the revolution of the independent labels began. Gui participated in the gallant crazy independent record labels movement with his ”BizaVoz” (1984), ”Viking Productions” (1990),  ”Myself Records” (1995) ”MMP-Mallon Music Productions” (1997) and now, continuing this old rebellious tradition with his TIS-Text Image and Sound (2018). 

The ”Nowhere Music” title is a metaphor for a desire of freedom and independence. This is a subversive wish and a way of not submitting oneself to the economic pressures of the so called ”market”, the dominant monolithic entity.